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Goddess mamaaaa !!!


"Teachings of the Sweat Lodge," by Aaron Paquette



"The therapeutic effect of gardening is not to be underestimated. It’s one of the best ways to get back to nature and feel a union with the natural environment that surrounds us. The garden can be large or small – it doesn’t matter. The point is to work with the soil and touch the ground. Secure your life force and strengthen it by working with the soil. The Earth strengthens your life aura and your internal organs become stronger. The liver begins to detoxify and the organs become revitalized by the natural energetic detoxification provided by the Earth and its soil. By working in the garden we gain a sense of our connection to the source from which we came. We can continually feel this source within us for days and access it at any time we wish. Take advantage of the life and wealth the soil brings to you and become truly alive." -Medical Medium

my life

It’s the most important experience. Right now I only have a pretty little garden going but it’s still such a source of positivity to me. Downtown there’s a storefront that sells dried herbs, plants, little starts, and small crafts and I found out its a nonprofit organization that’s a mental health transitions facility where people who have been having troubles in their life go to their farm and connect with the earth as therapy. And everything they produce, they sell, and all the money goes back to their farm and to helping the patients. Almost made me wanna cry I was so happy.

peaches, tiger lilies by Clair Saint-Camille on Flickr.